Group Fundraising with teachSTIX

Educate your students.

Support your school.

Build a community.

teachSTIX can be a unique way for your school, daycare, therapy and other groups to raise funds:

  • An educational, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, sugar-free, biodegradeable, made in the U.S.A. alternative to other fundraisers
  • Easy options to choose from for the best method for your group
  • A choice of raising funds or receiving free products
  • Parents, teachers, day-care providers, therapists and KIDS love teachSTIX!


Fundraising that is personally relevant to your organization’s educational success!

teachSTIX offers two options for your group to raise funds by selling STIX.

Option 1: Bulk Purchase


  • Order in units of 50 at a discounted cost.
  • Set your own selling price and keep the profit.


Option 2: Online Sales


  • Register your group as a teachSTIX fundraising group.
  • For each purchase someone in your group makes, your group earns free product or cash.

To find out more about our school fundraising ideas, email teachstix @

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