How to Use teachSTIX

In order for sight word recognition to become automatic, consistent practice and exposure is required. The more one-on-one time a child has learning and practicing sight words with an adult, the greater his chances to integrating them into his long-term memory.

Place teachSTIX in a highly visible area so your emergent reader is consistently exposed to sight words, both at home and in the classroom.


teachSTIX at home

  • Child’s bedroom: on the ceiling, the door, the closet, and on a bureau drawer
  • Throughout your home: The bathroom mirror, next to the kitchen table, and along the hallway floor.
  • Use some of our game ideas to play one-on-one or as a family
  • Get really creative: stick them to mom, dad and siblings!


teachSTIX in the classroom

  • Daily word wall
  • Place markers for circle time
  • On the back & seats of chairs
  • Above cubbies
  • On ceilings, floors, and cabinets
  • Use some of our game ideas in your lesson plans




Storing your teachSTIX

One of the best features of teachSTIX is that you can use them over and over. Whether you want to pack away your STIX for a younger siblings, or store them over the summer until the next school year, storing them properly can give your STIX a long life!

We recommend storing your STIX on a clean, smooth surface, such as:

  • Put them on sheet protectors and or plastic dividers and store them in a binder
  • Put them on poster board and store them in portfolio.
  • Get a small photo album and store them on the plastic


Store your STIX in a binder

Store your STIX in a binder

Stick your STIX on plastic dividers

Stick your STIX on plastic dividers


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