nightSTIX and more fun


The fun learning game you can play in just 5 minutes a day and improve your child’s reading!

Learning sight words by playing nightSTIX using teachSTIX reuseable decals

Learning sight words by playing nightSTIX using teachSTIX reuseable decals


  • Stick 10 STIX to your child’s ceiling or wall.
  • Turn off the lights & give your child a flashlight.
  • Have your child spotlight one word at a time.
  • Say each spotlighted word out loud with your child.
  • Repeat this process for 5 minutes each night until your child has memorized 10 STIX© words.
  • Now stick 10 more STIX© up on the ceiling or wall – now there are 20 STIX to repeat.
  • Continue this game – adding 10 words at a time – until all sight words are memorized.

You will be amazed at the boost to reading skills this simple process provides!


  • Each teachSTIX set includes several blank wildcards.  Fill these out with words that your child would like to read: your child’s name, a pet’s name, your hometown, and add them to the nightSTIX game.

More gametime fun with teachSTIX

  • SimonSTIX for the classroom – Stick each word on a child and give silly directions for each “stix.” e.g.,  “And stomp your feet”, “One jump up and down.”
  • Tic-Tac Toe: Stick the words on a tic-tac toe grid and have the child say “where” they want to place their x or o. “Put an x on ‘eat’”
  • DanceSTIX – Stick each word to the floor, play some music, and have the children dance. When you stop the music, each child must jump on a word and shout it out loud.
  • ChairSTIX– Stick the words on each child’s chair. Play musical chairs and have the children read the word as they sit down.
  • TossSTIX – stick the words on the floor and have kids throw bean bags. They must say the word their bean bag lands on.
  • Bingo – Give each team/child enough sticks to make equal columns and rows (e.g. 9 for a 3×3 board, 16 for a 4×4 board). Once the boards are made, have the kids place markers on the words as they are called. The first to get Bingo wins!
  • TagSTIX – Have each child “wear” 3-5 words. Shout out a word and the children have to search and tag the child with that word affixed to their back.
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