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TeachSTIX is a wonderful product/tool to use in teaching pre-reading skills.  it is the perfect addition to any pre-k classroom’s word wall or writing/language arts center or home environment.  My four-year-old son has truly enjoyed learning sight words and i look forward to using them in my classroom.  What a fun and flexible way to guide children through the process of word recognition!  I would highly recommend this product to other teachers and parents.

Dory, Pre-K teacher and parent of a 4-year-old

My preschooler loves these things! We started out with just a few words from the pre-K set on the ceiling and playing nightSTIX for about 5 minutes each night before bed. I couldn’t believe how quickly he learned the words, especially because he just thought it was a fun game. Now we’ve added the kindergarten set and some nouns and he’s making and reading sentences! I have total confidence that he’ll be reading when he goes to kindergarten in the fall. Plus, I love that I can move them into his little brother’s room when it’s his turn and they won’t wreck my walls!

Thanks, teachSTIX!

-Ryan, parent of a 4-year-old and 2-year-old


As a speech pathologist working with children, I know very well the impact that early reading skills have on later learning and language development. However, as a parent of a preschooler, I was having trouble finding ways to approach early reading that my son didn’t find “boring” or “frustrating”. TeachSTIX has absolutely been the answer!! I allowed my son to help me put the “stickers” on the wall and he couldn’t have been more thrilled or amused. I have found since we put them up on the wall that I don’t have to do any of the work! My son will walk past the wall, stop to look at the words and will ask “Mommy, what is this word?” I will tell him and he will put the word into a sentence on his own (e.g. “up….like up and down!”) TeachSTIX has been a godsend because I don’t have to carve out specific times to focus on reading skills- it is completely integrated into all aspects of his everyday life because we have the words posted all over the house. He decides when he wants to learn his words- and he makes that decision constantly…sometimes I can’t pull him away! An added bonus for me is that I have a stainless steel refrigerator that is not magnetic so I’m not able to put magnetic letters on the front. I used to stress about that, but now I have an option that is so much better! Thank you TeachSTIX!

– Heather, Speech-Language Pathologist and parent of a 4-year-old



teachSTIX are an innovative, motivating method for teaching sight words. As an SLP, I love the versatility teachSTIX have for capturing the attention of many different populations with varying energy levels. They are durable and portable for everyday use. As a mom, I am excited that my 3.5 year old already knows sight words. She loves to play the games, especially nightSTIX and danceSTIX!

Diane Bandholz, SLP, Founder of Speech Tree Therapy and parent of a 3-year-old

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