What are teachSTIX

teachSTIX on the ceiling, ready to play nightSTIX at bedtime

teachSTIX are a simple way for parents and teachers to create reusable, fun, and functional sight word walls in any setting. Using adhesive decals, teachSTIX sets provide a simple way to boost a child’s reading skills either at home or in the classroom – or preferably, both!

Each set of teachSTIX is based on a Dolch Sight Word list, ranging from pre-kindergarten for the beginning reader to more advanced sets of vowel families and nouns.

While there are many options for educational sight word products, teachSTIX are made of a unique woven material that allows the words to be removed without residue and to be reused over and over. teachSTIX are not made of vinyl, are not stickers and are not magnets.

teachSTIX stick on walls, ceilings, clothing, and more!

  • Durable– they won’t tear and will last through multiple school years or multiple siblings
  • Reusable– teachSTIX can be removed easily and won’t leave a residue or damage walls
  • Easily repositionable– change your sight word wall as your students’ or child’s sight word recognition improves

The convenience of teachSTIX products allows children to be exposed to target sight words on a consistent and frequent basis.

How to Use teachSTIX

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